5 Best Car Headlight Bulbs of 2018 (Reviews + Features)

Headlight bulbs are essential for getting on the street at night time or in darker streets and roads. Driving in the night is possible only due to them.  This technology has made driving feasible and safer for both drivers and pedestrian. Choosing bright white light will help you to drive at night. Some of the best headlight bulbs are:

ProductWattageLumensColor Temp.Pricing
Sylvania H11 Silverstar ZXEKensun Xenon HID
55 W3600 lm6000K
Osram Night BreakerOsram Night Breaker
55 W1650 lm3600K
OPT7 LED Headlight BulbOPT7 LED Headlight Bulb
30 W7000 lm6000K
Philips 9006 Xtreme PowerPhilips 9006 Xtreme Power
55 W1400 lm3400K
Sylvania H11 Silverstar ZXESylvania H11 Silverstar ZXE
55 W1345 lm4200K

Kensun Xenon HID

Kensun Xenon HID

Best Headlights Offering Three Types
  • A single HID low beam headlight
  • An HID halogen bulb for each headlight
  • The bi-xenon which comes with HID bulb for each headlight

This is a headlight bulbs kit from Kensun, and you get three different bulb options with the purchase of one kit. You get a single HID low-beam headlight, an HID halogen bulb and a Bi-xenon bulb.

The single beam bulb allows the driver to light any road condition, the HID halogen bulb will automatically switch on when the high beam is turned on, while the Bi-xenon bulb will offer an HID bulb for both headlights.

What you should know about the HID {High-Intensity Discharge} bulbs is that they are normally three times brighter than the ordinary halogen bulbs. They also tend to produce a greater light output while consuming less power. Usually, the HID bulbs don’t use the fine wire filament like halogen bulbs. Instead, they feature a glass gas chamber without a filament. In other words, they will be safe from shock or road bump damages.

You would really love how easy it is to install these headlight bulbs. First off, you can enjoy the step-by-step instructions that let you install the bulbs accordingly. It might not be a Plug-and-Play kind of headlights, but it would take you less than 20 minutes to install them fully.

It is a conversion kit that will definitely take some time to prepare. If you have a problem installing the headlights, you can either contact a professional or simply reach out to the Kensum Customer Service. They have a very responsive customer support.

The conversion comes with an elegant aluminum carry-case that contains a pair of H11 super-bright HID xenon bulbs, waterproof and shockproof universal slim ballasts, and mounting brackets. The installation guide is also included.


  •        They are extra bright and clear
  •        Water/Waterproof and shockproof
  •        Easy to install
  •        Responsive customer support
  •        They come in a strong and elegant aluminum case
  •        Backed by a 2-year warranty


  •        The installation guide can be complex to understand
  •        The ballasts could be better

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H4 Super White Halogen

Osram Night Breker Unlimited H4 Super White Halogen

This headlight uses advanced technology to give brighter and whiter lights. Its features make it perfect for safe driving. The light cone is 40m long with a 20% white light, which gives it 110% brightness as compared to other halogen headlights. It has a great heat resistance due to its filament design. The bulb features a noble filler gas that generates a bright light.

These bulbs come with a temperature rating of 3900K, which is bright and clear enough. We loved that the bulbs can light up the road up to 40 meters away. In this case, you wouldn’t experience unexpected bumps, especially if you are driving where wild animals cross the road speedily.

The headlight bulbs have been designed to optimize the performance. They feature a robust coil design that ensures high resilience. With the optimized inert filling gas formula, you can enjoy a better light production. You’ll also love the elegant design of the bulb. Also, it features a partial blue coating, along with a silver cap. These features help to make the bulbs extra stylish on your car.

The best part is that the headlights look incredible, even when the bulbs are not on. The filament design helps to boost the resistance heat level of the bulbs. Whether you are driving at full beam, auxiliary light, or dipped beam, these bulbs will serve you efficiently.


  •        Elegant and stylish design
  •        Robust and durable
  •        Lights road up to 40 meters away
  •        High heat resistance levels
  •        Brighter than the standard halogen bulbs
  •        Perfect for driving in any condition


  •   The daylight color isn’t that bright and efficient

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulb

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulb

OPT7 LED headlight bulb has a clear arc beam kit that performs well for safe and confident driving. It doesn’t need mounting due to its bulb size and weight. The bulbs work with an auto-on function and they take no time to illuminate.

They come with a clear 6000K cool white light at 3500lms per LED bulb. It takes about 8 seconds to hit the maximum brightness. Furthermore, the bulbs don’t have any dark spots. They feature the CREE MK-R LED and Arc-Beam Technology to offer a perfect beam pattern.

What’s more, this is a durable product that can last for over 50,000 hours. It also features an improved cooling with the RedLine driver, TurboCool fan, and the solid aluminum body. This helps to reduce overheating and also assure you of durable bulbs that work efficiently while withstanding the harsh conditions.

Are you concerned about installing the bulbs? You shouldn’t because these bulbs come with a Plug-N-Play installation. All you have to do is remove your old headlights and fix these ones with ease. However, it is important to check the owner manual of your vehicle to know about the blub size that is needed.

These bulbs are weather-resistant, thanks to the TurboCool 7000rpm rainproof fan. The fan will also cool the underwater to keep your bulbs safe.

Above all, it comes with a 2-year warranty, along with a lifetime support.


  •        Clear 6000K cool white light
  •        Perfect beam pattern
  •        No dark spots
  •        Plug-N-Play installation
  •        Strong aluminum construction
  •        TurboCool fans for cooling the bulbs
  •        Backed by a 2-year long warranty


  •        The customer support could be better
  •        The fan noise can be noticeable

Philips 9006 Xtreme Power Replacement Bulb

Philips 9006 Xtreme Power Replacement Bulb

Philips is a well-known bulbs brand. Their products are always high-quality and quite reliable. This one is also a decent choice from Philips, and it performs elegantly. Its aggressive style is for high-performance and confident drivers.

The bulb comes in a twin pack and gives the greatest comfort and safety. You can easily replace your current headlights with these bulbs. The lifespan of these bulbs is decent, making it a good choice if you need a reliable set of headlights. It offers 80% more light than the regular halogen bulbs.

The high-pressure gas enables to work longer and comes in original equipment quality. The Philips X-treme Power Headlight Bulbs offer a more centered bright white that will widen the visibility. Typically, the bulbs will produce more focused and evenly spread beams to give you better vision at night.

If you will be cruising down a low-lit road, these bulbs will be your perfect guide. The precise positioning of these bulbs offers perfect sidelight. In this case, you can spot any deer that is lurking by the roadside.

This one can light up to 115 feet away, which is like 36 meters. That is still decent enough since you can be sure of staying safe as you drive in the dark.


  •        It is 80% brighter than regular headlights
  •        Comes with an impressive design
  •        Offers reliable sidelight to view the roadside too
  •        Covers up to 35 meters away
  •        Quite affordable
  •        Easy to install


  • They might not last for long enough

Sylvania H11 Silverstar ZXE High-Performance Headlight Bulb

Sylvania H11 Silverstar ZXE

  • Reliability
  • Style
  • Safety
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Compliance

This headlight from Sylvania Automotive is new in the halogen bulb series. Sylvania offers a variety of lighting products with style and performance. This bulb is the whitest light that comes in a single pack. Its mirror top alloy coating gives a jewel-like finish to the headlights.

This bulb comes with a filament that features a special design, along with a propriety gas mixture, and lamp coating. The lamp coating doesn’t only add some elegance to the appearance of the bulb but also helps to shift the color temperature and make it extra white. In other words, you will have a brighter light with these bulbs.

The bulb also features a side-road, down-road, as well as the white light that is produced to give the driver better and clear vision as they drive at night. Well, it will light dim over time, so you should replace the pairs for optimal performance if you want a constant bright light.

If you are not much into the HID bulbs, you can easily choose these headlight bulbs as an alternative. The proprietary cobalt blue coating and xenon halogen gas technology will offer a color temperature that perfectly rivals the HID.

These bulbs are street legal, and also approved by DOT.


  •        Alloy-coating offers a jewel-like look
  •        The cobalt blue coating offers an optimal color and light transmission
  •        Features side-road and down-road lighting for better vision of the road at night
  •        Elegant design
  •        Excellent performance


  •        They can dim over time
  •        Short lifespan


What to Consider When Buying a Headlight Bulb

So, now you have an idea of the best headlight bulbs. But these are just some of our favorites. Maybe none of them impresses you, so what should you do when you want to find the best headlight bulb? Here are some tips to consider when buying a headlight bulb for your ride:


  1.    The Type Of Bulb

Headlight bulbs are mostly hidden, halogen, or LED. The High-Intensity Discharge lamps offer more efficiency because they have a brighter output. They are made of gases and rare metals that deliver a bright white light. Generally, they are brighter than halogen and LED bulbs, and they also need less power to operate. HID only need around 35watts and can last longer and offer better visibility. However, they are the most expensive.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs are common, and they feature a filament that produces the light. They can reach maximum brightness in a matter of seconds, making them reliable for most drivers. LED lamps don’t heat up like halogen lamps, but they also last longer than HID bulbs. However, they are not as bright as the HIDs.


2.   The Output Color

First things first, which color output do you prefer, and which is the best? Generally brighter and whiter bulbs tend to be more expensive than the dim and dull bulbs. A higher light output is obviously bright, and they don’t come cheap.

Generally, HID headlights are the brightest, followed by LED lamps, then halogen lamps. Always ensure that you choose the brightest lamps, based on your driving conditions.


3.  Performance vs. Longevity

Yes, you want a headlight bulb that performs perfectly, but you also want one that is durable enough. It wouldn’t be satisfactory to go for the brightest bulb, which can barely last for six months. But generally, high light output bulbs tend to run hotter and more intensely, which then shortens the lifespan.

A high output halogen bulb has been proven to last at least a year, compared to a standard OEM bulb that can run for over 3 years. Still, there are whiter light bulbs that can run for over 50,000 hours. Generally, ensure that you go for a bulb that performs well and also lasts for long enough.


4. What Color Temperature Do You Prefer?

Color temperature is another factor worth considering as you step out to shop for a headlight bulb. Usually, the color temperature of the headlight bulb will be measured in Kelvin {K}. The color temperature will be indicated on the bulb packaging.

A regular halogen bulb will fall within the warm colors, which ranges between 2000K and 4000K. However, a tinted glass can help to increase the color temperature of the halogen bulb. The bright sunlight color temperature will fall between 5000K and 5400K. Most drivers will choose a daylight temperature that ranges between 5000K and 5400K.

Above all, ensure that you consider the wattage of the bulb before you buy it. Basically, a 65/55W is a bulb that delivers high beams of 65watts and low beams of 55 watts. Ideally, go for a high wattage bulb with a 5000K color temperature.



You need to select the right headlight because each comes with different features. Ensure that you select according to the needs of your car. Check out for the correct balance, brightness and which color you choose for the headlight.

When changing or replacing your headlight, ensure that you replace both of them, not just one. You should always keep an extra headlight bulb in your car since some bulbs can become dim over time.

So, which headlight will you be getting for your car? The ball is now in your court.