PUTCO 230194W- LED 360° Replacement Bulbs

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What more would you want than an upgrade that omits a 360° of high-intensity star white light? This piece of beauty (sold in pairs) is an efficient replacement for the dull factory installed head and tail lights. LED 360° replacement bulbs are easy to install and have a 90 days warranty.


Suitable for night driving

There is no better headlight for night driving that I know of other than PUTCO 230194W-360 LED 360-Degree Premium Replacement Bulb.

Comparatively better than dull factory bulbs
It has a huge advantage over bulbs that do not shine brightly enough from the factory. My car came with those kinds of headlights that cannot see beyond a few distances. A friend recently introduced me to this 360-Degree Replacement Bulb courtesy of PUTCO, and it has been a swell experience.


360 degree illumination

The bulb gives a full and complete illumination, ensuring that every object ahead is well noticeable and conspicuous. The intensity of the light-emitting diode is high.

Upon my order for this product, I was expecting just a piece of the bulb in the package. I was very pleased to know that the package comes with two pieces.


Effective replacement bulb

It is an effective and efficient bulb for replacing faulty brake lights as well as signals on the car.

Ever since a friend got me informed about this product, I had been expectant of what delivery I would get upon my order. Trust me, I was not let down owing to the maximum satisfaction that I have got.

A very important feature of this Replacement Bulb is that it is very cheap, economical and pocket-friendly.

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