PUTCO Led Headlight Review

PUTCO Led Headlights Review

Over the years, Putco has dominated the automobile industry with some of the most astonishing inventions. LED Headlights are one of the top-shelf items offered by Putco to the general public. Currently, Putco has delivered a significant stock of LED Headlights that have been proven to be extra durable compared to its competitors.

So, how do Putco LED Headlights perform? Are they reliable? Will they last for long enough or you will need a constant replacement? What is their score in terms of customer satisfaction? We will review the brand, along with its products to determine if they are reliable and efficient. Let’s get on with it;

About Putco

Putco is one of the longest-serving LED headlight brands currently on the market. The company has a vast experience of over 48 years, and over the years, they have been striving to satisfy the customers’ needs.

They are committed to being their customers’ “Complete Accessory Source”, as they claim. But it isn’t just a blank claim. Rather, Putco has really proven to be a leading and dependable vehicle accessories supplier. In 2013, the company increased their product delivery, not only in numbers but in quality as well.

Their new Des Moines, Iowa facility was aimed at investing in the high automation products and top-notch LED production line.

Why Putco LED Headlights?

There are many reasons to go for the Putco accessories, and it isn’t just about their many years of experience. Here are other reasons to choose Putco LED headlights;

  1. a) Hand-Assembled LED Headlights

One thing that makes Putco unique is that their LED headlights are assembled by hand, not with machines like competitors’ models. In this case, the workers will ensure that the LED headlights are built to last for long without breaking down.

  1. b) Tested for Quality

It is one thing to be perfect with assembly and another to be sure of a quality line of products. With the Putco LED headlights, they are first tested before they can be released to the market. After the LED headlights are hand-assembled, they are tested and burned for two hours. This helps to ensure that the headlights meet the quality standards of Putco. There is no room for poor-quality headlights in the production phase.

  1. c) Innovative Products

Putco LED headlights don’t only come with a unique touch of quality, but customers can choose the LED headlight that they prefer. Basically, there are three categories of LED headlights from Putco, including;

  •        F-LED Bulb Series. These are the basic LED bulb series, and they offer 1500 lumen output and a power output of 26W. The F-LED Bulb lights are from SEOUL, and they have a decent value.
  •        Silver-Lux LED Headlights. The Silver Lux headlights have a 2000 lumen output, 30W power output, and they use Phillip Bulbs.
  •        Pro-Lux Zero Space. These are the highest headlight qualities, and they come with a massive lumen output of 3000 and 30W power output.

All these headlights are made in the US, except for the F-LED bulb series. Also, they all feature an anti-radio interface.

  1. d) Warranty/Return Policy

All the LED headlights come with a limited warranty. However, the F-LED Bulbs come a year-long warranty, the Silver-Lux lights are backed by a 2-year warranty, while the Pro-Lux Zero Space headlights come with a 3-year warranty. If you are not impressed by the Putco LED headlights, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. For the non-warranty returns, a 20% restock will be imposed.


    Other Putco Products

Well, there’s more than just the LED headlights from Putco. Rather, you will get a range of accessories for cars, SUVs, and even sports cars. Other vehicle accessories include chrome trim mirror covers, emblems, bumper covers, door sills, grilles, locker side rails, pillar posts, window visors, step bars, and pillar posts.

You can be sure of finding lighting supplies and other automotive accessories from Putco. They are known to deliver high-quality accessories that are backed by long-term warranties.